Christmas Show

3 - 21 December 2014

Bookshop Gallery

Paintings, ceramics and crafts with work by artists and makers from across the Region.  Exhibitors include ceramicists Andy Priestman and Anthea Summers, photographers Tom Fosbury, Norman Taylor and Stewart Baillie, printmakers Hugh Bryden and Lisa Hooper, paintings by Richard Brinley and Pauline Lawton and hand-made cards by Isobel Buenz.

Little White Dress

Monday 18th August – Saturday 20th September 2014

In ‘Little White Dress’ paper artist Isabell Buenz shows her fairy-tale like collection of paper dresses and accessories made from tea bag paper, inspired by her favourite encounters with nature.

Gatehouse Folk in The Great War

The Gatehouse & District Branch of the Royal British Legion Commemorative Exhibition
The Exhibition is being funded in part by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.  The content of the exhibition is based on the very comprehensive research carried out by Margaret and Graham Wright of Gatehouse. 

Mosaic at the Mill

5 July - 10 August 2014

Kate Anderson
Joel Baker
Katy Galbraith
Dugald MacInnes
Frances Sutton

An exhibition that celebrates the diversity of Modern Mosaic  art in Scotland. Five members of the British Association for Modern Mosaic combine to show distinct and original approaches to mosaic expression in work which explores their particular interests in landscape, narrative, recycling and Sacred Geometry.  Both traditional and innovative materials can be seen in fascinating contrast in this exhibition.


31 March - 6 May 2014

from an observer’s journey
along the Water of Urr
from moor to shore

catchment is the result of an exploration of the Water of Urr in Galloway, over a period of two years, by four visual artists

Jennie Ashmore    
Malcolm Davies
Suzanne Stuart Davies    
Julian Francis        

and poet, Fiona Russell.